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Business analyticssimulation, optimization modeling

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Why the "regular" business analytics often does not work?

Analytics is not about the boring columns of meaningless numbers. Analytics is the only guidance to make justified management decisions, based on facts and credible predictions, instead of using only "intuition". The regular analytics nowadays is somewhat discredited, because its results are often turning unreliable. The main reason of this is a too serious simplifications made during analytical modeling, leading in particular to the use of synthetic, meaningless indicators.

How to get real profit from analytics?

We offer another point of view on analytics. Any analytical system is based on the model, representing some essential aspects of the real objects, processes and systems. It is required for this model to reflect meaningful patterns and relationships existing in these systems, but not the mathematical abstractions. We offer using semantic modeling methodologies, which are providing tools for such an accurate and logically proven modelling. The resulting models can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Targets forecasting depending on the various possible influences on the system.
  • Technological, manufacturing, investment programs optimization.
  • Markets modeling, intended for trade activities optimization, customers interaction policy development, validating market strategy and tactics.

Such systems are required for the companies which cannot rely on intuition or simplest numerical modeling methods in their decision making, because of huge cost of possible consequences.

Analytical systems implementation

Every analytical system is a custom project, in which the role of conceptual modeling, data gathering and analysis methods development cannot be underestimated. We are ready to perform the whole cycle of analytical system implementation, using our technologies and tools along with well known ones, such as IBM Cognos, QlikView, OneModelica.