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Architecture developmentof the corporate IT systems

Any complex IT infrastructure shall be implementd according to the previously designed concept and plan. If a company plans to use more than two systems - the integration shall also be the subject of careful planning. If the IT systems shall be flexible, and able to react fast on the business processes and requirements changes during the life cycle, the thoughtful architecture design is critical for the system's implementation and operation success.

We have an extensive experience in planning, assessing, supervising and implementing complex, multi-component, heterogenous corporate IT systems. Our works include:

  • Revealing customer's strategic and operation goals, analysis of the organizational structure and environment in which the company is acting;
  • Business processes formalization and description, or studying existing documents.
  • Sketching the model of the data used in these processes.
  • Business requirements formalization;
  • Choosing applied software suitable for meeting these requirements;
  • Data exchange schema design, choosing middleware (MDM, ESB etc), information exchange flows and methods planning;
  • Development of the Technical Projects for each product implementation;
  • Architectural supervision on the software development and implemenation;
  • Extensive testing of the resulting IT infrastructure.

It is possible to build a unified architectural repository during the works, which will host dynamic model of the company, its assets, resources, processes and environment. This model will be updated during further systems operation, and may be used to automate applications settings and behavior.