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Search interface demo

Where to go on vacations?
Ask ArchiGraph!Knowledge Management System search demo

Here you may try using one of five search interfaces of ArchiGraph.KMS system - controlled natural language search.

What are you searching:

Start entering query with the type of the object you wish to find (Resort, Sight, Country, Climate). The system will offer hints - choose appropriate ones to complete your query. End with the "Finish query" hint.

The system "knows":

  • Resorts, situated in different countries;
  • Recreation types, offered by the resorts;
  • Climate of each resort;
  • Sights of various types, situated near resorts.
This system contains very little information - just to demonstrate that it can 100% correctly answer any question asked in terms of its conceptual model and in range of its "competence". For example, you can build queries to find answers on the next questions:
  • Which resorts with mediterranean climate have some sights nearby?
  • Which health resorts are situated not far from skiing resorts?
  • Which resorts in Greece or Thailand offer diving?

Contact us to get access to the fully functional demo of ArchiGraph.KMS.