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Search interface demo

ArchiGraph.KMS functionality

What is the Knowledge Management System?

Knowledge Management System is an application intended for:

  • Expert knowledge transfer;
  • Decision making support;
  • Solving optimization and prediction tasks;
  • Business information qualitative analysis.

The key feature of our KMS is the abilito to perform automatic inference based on the aximos and the facts expressed accordingly to the information model. More information is given an the Knowledge Management page.

ArchiGraph.KMS functionality

Search interfaces is one of the more important parts of the system. The application main page offers to choose from several search interfaces:

ArchiGraph.KMS main page

In the search by parameters mode a user may find the object of some type by indicating values of this object's attributes (faceted search). Possible attributes set is formed using attributes inherited from super classes of the chosen class:

Search by parameters

The search by relations mode allows to find the object by going through the logical relations chain:

Search by relations

The query builder allows to compose the complex of logical equations, using attributes and relations of several objects:

Query builder

In the controlled natural language search regime a user can assemple the complex query using application's hints for phrase construction. The result of this query if logically proven, it has nothing common with the regular full text search.

Controlled natural language search

The search results table has the same way for all search methods. It allows to choose extra object properties for display, to export objects found, to save query conditions for further use. Click on the object name will lead to the object details page:

Object information page

The knowledge management system is completely universal and context-independent, it can work with the data of any subject matter area. Its interface can be easily adopted to reflect data specifics - for example, display objects on the map.

For more detailed information on KMS functionality, please refer to the Technical Guide which may be obtained by request.

KMS in IT architecture

The place of the KMS in a feneral IT architecture is represented on the next diagram:

KMS in IT Architecture

The KMS data model is usually an extension of the model used in MDM.