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Master data management

Master data are containing information on the key business objects, used by various applications across the IT infrastructure. They may contain customers, assets, employees, various classifiers and enumerations, etc. Master data management middleware is an essential part of the complex integrated IT environment, consisting of a number of applications.

ArchiGraph.MDM, our MDM solution, differs from another MDM applications by providing programmatic access to the data model. It means that the client applications may read and manage data structure elements, reacting on the changes in the business processes and requirements. ArchiGraph.MDM also uses all the opportunities of non-relational, graph data storage model, including faceted classifications, truly inheritable attrubites, multiple values assignment for the object properties, and more.

The reference data model stored in our solution may cover not only the master data, but all the corporate information participating in data exchange. Then MDM function extends, and it becomes a repository of data exchange schemas for all the application components.